Thursday, December 08, 2016

A Look Inside the Russian Silicon Valley, Internet, Technology, and Social Networks that Compete with Facebook, etc.

An Interesting Article About Google Censorship I Found in My Research, I am Doing More Research on this Topic in the Future

By Tom Forrest

I am conducting research in order to write more articles about Internet censorship. I found this interesting article below about Google.
I do know from my own personal experience of Google inappropriately censoring me, that all people worldwide should be very concerned about Google unfairly censoring, punishing (bully) and penalizing the general public, and business owners websites. 
Google executive management has helped me in the past and I sincerely appreciate it. Frankly I do not believe the founders of Google support unfair censorship so hopefully any bad Google employees will be terminated. Perhaps because Google is so big it is difficult to control mistakes regarding censorship. For example I have an ongoing problem of Google inappropriately censoring and .org, because Google does not like an article I wrote. Also the listing in the Google Chrome store for my online password manager is missing in the search results sometimes.
I try to be nice and when Google manually takes the unfair censorship off of me, I edit my articles to be less negative about Google. To me that is the polite thing to do, however the next day the Google automated system over writes the manual fix, and since Google has no customer service department, how can I complain?
My only recourse is to write a truthful yet negative article about Google. It seems very silly to me that Google does not have any customer service department at all. I think it leads to much of the criticism of Google and if they fixed this their public relations would be improved. If Google had a way to learn about their embarrassing mistakes, then they could fix them. The current system from the Google webmaster tools control panel, or whatever they call it today is of no use in these unfair censorship problems and perhaps Google needs better ways to audit bad employees, e.g. a manager in a different group must approve a serious censorship penalty. Since Google is so secretive we have no idea about what processes Google uses to decide which websites to censor and this leads to unfair terrible punishment of innocent websites and people. How does Google make sure they are implementing their censorship penalties fairly? Who audits and regulates Google to prevent abuse of webmasters and small business owners?

Is Google the Worlds Biggest Censor?
Does Google Need Government Regulation in Order to Protect Small Business Owners?

If Google were just another mom-and-pop shop with a sign saying "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone," that would be one thing. But as the golden gateway to all knowledge, Google has rapidly become an essential in people's lives – nearly as essential as air or water. We don't let public utilities make arbitrary and secretive decisions about denying people services; we shouldn't let Google do so either.

Google does not want communist China censoring them, however it seems to me that sometimes Google is okay with their censoring of people and acting in a similar manner to (like) communist China. Google has brought the government to their doorstep by doing a defective job of protecting people's "freedom of speech" and treating all people equally and fairly regarding Google penalties. A Google penalty is an example of how Google implements censorship. E.g. Denying your content access to the "golden gateway of knowledge", which Google controls.

Please help protect "freedom of speech" and share this blog post and article with your friends and business associates.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Streaming Global and USA News Sources

I like to watch news and put up a few good news links. These change over time so it is work to update them.

I pay for and use YouTubeRed, so I do not see any advertisements or commercials on YouTube and I love it. It costs $10 per month for YouTubeRed.

I put Bloomberg Global News, Al Jazeera, Fox, and ABC News Australia streaming news, etc. on the Nav Bar (menu) of

I also have an older link of good online news sources on, however some of the ABC videos stopped working, there are however other interesting news sources on this page.

Career Advice from Comedian Louis CK, and Rita Ora - Love Advert

Introducing Amazon Go and the World's most Advanced Shopping Technology

Is a War in Space Between the USA and Russia or China Coming Soon?

War in space is a very interesting topic to me as I used to design navigation and guidance systems for intercontinental ballistic missiles. I understand most people do not have a background like mine and that not all people will be as interested in this topic as I am. Furthermore, I am surprised that the USA military gave so much access and information to this reporter.
I think the USA military must want Russia and China to know that the American people are being educated about what is happening in space and how important this is to our lifestyle on earth. So hopefully many millions of people will see this outstanding video.

Man Punches a big Kangaroo in the Face to Rescue his Dog

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Why Links Are So Important to the Internet

I will show you an example of "good merit based" link building that Google likes.
About the best backlink you could obtain in the software, Internet and SEO industry would be a link from a prestigious university, from a top expert and a famous award winning distinguished person, e.g. the father of the Internet.

Please click here, then click in the #1 video listed on the webpage and see where it links you to.

The following is an excellent article and basic overview of links and why they are so important to the web.
"As an emerging industry, SEO is a field ripe for new college graduates ... The first thing a new SEO must learn is how Google operates. This means learning the value of links in search..."

One small correction I would make to Cory's article is that powerful backlinks are still by far the most important factor in the Google algorithms and they will continue to be because there is science behind this.

The reason search engines will most likely never change this is that this methodology works great, and no other technique works better. Why Do you think Google named it PageRank?
The Wikipedia article for PageRank is wrong and defective just like some of the other Wikipedia articles. However, the editors at Wikipedia did an excellent job on "the history of the Internet". Wikipedia should let me write the article about Google PageRank since I know more about this topic than the current Wikipedia editors do.
Click here if you would like to learn about PageRank from a real expert, me.

Believe in Yourself (and Why Nothing Will Work if You Don't) ...

 Link Building

The people that tell you links are not important any longer are complete Dumb-asses and you should never listen to them.
I am not sure how I can make this point any clearer.

For more advanced information and training about link building or for help, please email
I suggest you also read:

List of Directory Submission Sites That Google Likes

By Tom Forrest
List of Directory Submission Sites.
List of directories that Google likes and that follow Google Guidelines.

Google has cracked down on web directories that violate Google guidelines.  You should not place your website on any free and low quality directories or websites, you need fewer directory listings with better quality in order to be successful with Google, Yahoo and Bing. Please read the following new article about effective SEO Link Building to learn more.

So I decided I should give people a list of Internet directories that Google thinks are valid and that if you obtained a listing from these directories it would help you with direct traffic generation and also as a "good" backlink as far as Google is concerned. The Directories below are valuable worldwide and all countries should consider submitting their website to these top quality Directories.


Comments from Matt Cutts of Google on what to consider when submitting to a Directory.
When considering submitting to a directory, I’d ask questions like:
- Does the directory reject urls?
If every url passes a review, the directory gets closer to just a list of links or a free-for-all link site.
- What is the quality of urls in the directory?
Suppose a site rejects 25% of submissions, but the urls that are accepted/listed are still quite low-quality or spammy. That doesn’t speak well to the quality of the directory.
- If there is a fee, what’s the purpose of the fee?
For a high-quality directory, the fee is primarily for the time/effort for someone to do a genuine evaluation of a url.
Matt Cutts, Google

Monday, December 05, 2016

USA President-Elect Trump Stands Up to China and is Keeping His Promises to American Citizens

The main stream news media are not journals like they used to be many years ago. Now we have unfair biased liberal democrats like lame Anderson Cooper tainting the news reports and criticizing anyone that does not agree with him.
President Obama has been considered very weak in regards to US foreign policy by many millions of people all over the world. 
President-Elect Trump is not weak and is already standing up to China and letting them know that the USA policies towards China will be changing. I think this is a good thing, besides President-Elect Trumps recent tweets towards China, lets not forget China is a communist country and the USA is a proud and free democracy. Being an American means we stand up against communism and fight for freedom and democracy for all repressed people all over the world, that is what true Americans do and believe in.
Does anyone think the starving North Korean people would not love us to save them from Kim Jon-un?
This is not something new, it was just forgotten by President Obama. 
Please watch this fantastic speech by Ronald Reagan in Berlin in 1987 to see and understand exactly what I mean.